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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ISRO Unified Launch vehicle

ISRO's Unified Modular Launch Vehicle conceptualizes a generic launch vehicle configuration to be able to meet the varying requirement from mission to mission by varying the propulsion system with considerable cost advantage. Unified Launch vehicle will use a common semi-cryogenic stage and will have the features of a world class expendable launch vehicle, with maximum GTO payload capability of 6t and maximum LEO payload capability of 15t. 

The development of Unified modular launch vehicle aims to reduce the number of propulsion modules for all the three types of launch vehicles (PSLV, GSLV MK2 & LVM3). This would mean that the core vehicle would be a standard configuration of cryogenic + semi-cryogenic stages and depending on the payload mass to be delivered in orbit, the solid strapon boosters with different propellant loadings could be added. Studies and developmental activities of ULV will be initiated in the 12th plan period. 

Antriksh's concept of ISRO ULV


  1. I think, the configuration of UMLV is not the one you showed in the picture. UMLV will have a bigger cryogenic stage (C-60 and C-50 instead of C-25), larger solid boosters (S-230 instead of S-200) and payloads up to 10 ton to GTO.