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Sunday, June 9, 2013

ISRO Semi-cryogenic engine update

Status of SC2000

The Preliminary Design Review (PDR) for Semi-cryogenic engine development has been completed. Preparation of fabrication drawings of subsystems have been completed. 
A MOU has been signed with NFTDC for the realisation of copper alloy for Thrust chamber. 
Single element Pre-Burner (PB) injector realised and injector spray charaterisation using PIV was carried out. Test facility for single element pre-burner commissioned at PRG facility, VSSC. Semi Cryo Test facility design by M/s Rolta has been completed. 

Design of Semi Cryo Engine including heat exchanger and ejector is competed. Fabrication drawings and documents are generated based on the PDR and joint reviews. Configuration design of subscale engine is completed. Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of Hydraulic Actuation System
(HAS) and Hydraulic Power System (HPS) for Engine Gimbal control is completed and Technical specifications are finalized.

Single Element Pre-Burner injector element has been hot tested successfully. Ignition of LOX/Isrosene propellant with hypergolic slug igniter and flame holding, demonstration of safe handling of pyrophoric fluid TEA, validation of start sequence, characterization of injector elements and qualification of Hayness-214 material are the major achievements of the tests.


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  2. any idea about its first launch (orbital)