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Friday, July 4, 2014

NAL India performs Dynamic testing of RLV-TD models

RLV Concept (Credit ISRO)

Reusable Launch Vehicle is envisioned by ISRO as an alternative to expendable launch vehicles to cut down the cost of space transportation. To achieve this goal, ISRO is currently developing a Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) to act as a platform to demonstrate various technologies like

1) hypersonic flight, 

2) autonomous landing, 

3) flush air data measurements,

4) Re-entry thermal protection systems, etc.

RLV-TD Ascent and Descent configuration models (Credit NAL)
ISRO is utilizing various NAL facilities to perform tests on scaled model of RLV-TD. Dynamic tests were performed by NAL using forced oscillation rig to determine the pitch/yaw damping characteristics of a scaled model of RLV-TD configuration. This will help in building flight stability augmentation system for both ascent and descent configuration of RLV-TD. These tests were carried out in the 1.2 m trisonic wind tunnel facility. 

RLV-TD Ascent configuration model in wind tunnel testing at NAL.

RLV-TD Descent configuration model in wind tunnel testing at NAL.

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