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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PSLV-C23 Text Book Launch!

PSLV C23 & mission payloads.
Adding yet another feather to its cap, PSLV (C23) rose majestically from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 9.52 am on Monday. 20 minutes later, it successfully and with precision deployed its five mission payloads into their respective orbits. 

This was PSLV's 26th successful mission and 5th successful launch of PSLV core alone version.  
This mission was special because of its commercial nature where PSLV only carried foreign payloads. 

PSLV C23 Mission Profile 

Here is a comparison of predicted vs real data of flight profile and calculation of corresponding error margin in the prediction for PSLV C23 flight profile.  
PSLV C23 Flight profile simulated vs flight data.
Flight profile prediction error margin.


Main payload

1) French SPOT-7 (714 kg)

Auxiliary payloads

2) Germany's AISAT-1 (14 kg)
3) Canada's NLS7.1 (CANX-4) and NLS7.2 (CANX-5) (15 kg each)
4) Singapore's Velox-1 (7 kg)

Payload mounting positions.

Apart from this, there is one more pseudo-payload from ISRO called Advanced Inertial Navigation System (AINS).AINS was mounted on PSLV equipment bay on the fourth stage along with other electronics. Equipment bay was designed to carry NGC&C electronics and later modified to also carry micro and nano sats.  AINS is based on optical sensors and was tested for navigation performance during the flight time. AINS most probably will be part of LVM3.

Flight Video

Orbits from USSTRATCOM:

SPOT-7 2014-034A/40053 in 643 x 660 km x 98.26°
AISAT   2014-034B/40054 in 643 x 660 km x 98.25°
NLS7.1 2014-034C/40055 in 642 x 659 km x 98.26°
NLS7.2 2014-034D/40056 in 643 x 656 km x 98.27°
VELOX-1 2014-034E/40057 in 642 x 655 km x 98.26°
PSLV 4th stage 2014-034F/40058 in 622 x 654 km x 98.19°

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